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Intro To Cyanotype Printing Workshop

We do not have a date for this class yet, as we are gauging interest for the autumn term. Please pop your details in the ‘NOTIFY ME WHEN AVAILABLE’ box and you will be the very first to hear when the class is available to book.

Many thanks Jules & Caroline x



Join us for a (hopefully) sunny session experimenting with cyanotype printing (also known as sun printing – one of the earliest forms of photographic printing) in the grounds of The Pavilion.


The session will start with us looking at different materials and the effects that they create before experimenting with a couple of test pieces.  Once you've seen the types of shapes and patterns that can be created you will be able to select your final materials to create 3  pieces of A5 artwork using this super fun medium.


Things that work well include transparent objects, papercut designs, stencils and anything with an ornate cut out detail like lace or crochet...things the light can fall through and create patterns with.

Natural foraged botanicals are also extremely effective - hedgerow flowers and grasses,  pressed pieces of seaweed and any pressed flowers.  The flatter the objects the more accurate the outlines of your silhouete print. 


We will be using pre-prepared (to save time) cyanotype paper to create our beautiful blue prints - the cyanotype solution needs to be applied in the dark and have time to dry before being exposed to the UV light of the sun. 


Each person will have the opportunity to create up to 5 x A5 prints.


You are very welcome to bring items with you to print with but equally you can choose from our selection. 


 This class is obviously reliant on there being some sunshine, so if the day is pouring with rain we will either offer you a full refund or find an alternative date.  Light cloud will be fine, but heavy rain will make it impossible for us to run this class.  We will contact you 24 hours before the class if the weather looks too bad to continue.


For more information please email

Intro To Cyanotype Printing Workshop

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