Refund Policy

An Explanation...

Before you read the Where Inspiration Blooms Refunds & Cancellations Policy below, we wanted to explain to you why the policy is as it is!  We are a small and relatively new business, but we have extensively researched the refunds policies of a significant amount of other businesses and companies (from Norwich Knitting Workshops to Glastonbury to the RHS and everyone in between!).  The information below is completely in line with what they all say and is widely reputed to be the ‘industry standard’.  In fact in a couple of areas we are far more lenient than our industry, allowing tickets to be transferred or re-sold, which for 90% of our colleagues is a total no-go…but we are a local community based business, so where we can, we want to be as generous as possible.

For us to be able to carry on running our business, we have to sell a minimum number of tickets for each workshop (and that’s before we make any profit at all) so if we reach that number of ticket sales and then have to issue refunds it can seriously affect our ability to pay our overheads.  It’s not something we want to think about, let alone have to do, so we hope that you understand.  If you have any questions please do contact us on via


The Policy Itself...


The following information applies to any workshop bookings where payment has been made via our website at

For all other enquiries please contact your workshop teacher directly (their information can usually be found on their event page on our calendar).

Refunds Policy

We do not offer refunds on any of our workshops.

If you are unable to attend and advise us in advance of 14 days of the workshop date, then you have two options.  You can either

  • Transfer to a future workshop (this can only be actioned once), space permitting         or

  • Opt to receive a Where Inspiration Blooms gift voucher for the same amount as your original booking.  These vouchers are valid for a period of 6 months only.

If you are unable to attend and the workshop is within 14 days then you can:

  • Gift your ticket to a friend or family member (ticket transfer only becomes valid when you advise us of the change of name on the booking).

  • Sell your ticket to someone else (ticket transfer only becomes valid when you advise us of the change of name on the booking).

Cooling Off Period

On all tickets we allow a 24-hour ‘cooling-off’ period whereby you have the right to change your mind.  If this applies to you please email within 24 hours of your purchase and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

Cancellation of a Workshop

In the unlikely event that we have to cancel a workshop you will be given at least 24 hours notice.  You will be offered the opportunity to transfer to another date (if possible), another workshop or a full refund.  We will not be held liable for any other costs or expenses that you may incur in the event of cancellation by us.

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