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Community Calendar Listing

- Single listing £6

- Repeat listing £12 (lasts until the end of the term)

- Art, Craft or Pottery Workshop listing £24

Thank you for choosing to list your event on our Community Calendar.


Please note that repeating event bookings last from the day you book until the end of the current term.

  • Summer Term ends 31.8.24
  • Autumn Term ends 31.12.24


We are very happy to offer free adverts if your event is fundraising, for charity/not for profit or to promote sustainability or environmental awareness.  Please contact us if this applies to you and we can send you a promotional code which will take 100% OFF your order.


Profits Go To Charity

At the beginning of each term, we invite our community to nominate and vote for a charitable cause. Then, at the end of term, the calendar profits are donated on your behalf to the chosen local community cause.  


For the Summer Term 2024 our chosen charity is The Hospice of St Francis in Berkhamsted.


    Once you have paid for your booking, please click the link below and complete the form.  We will then upload your event onto our calendar within 7 days.  Please note you will also need to send us an image/picture to use on the calendar for your event.




    If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to get in touch via email on


    Absolute Transparency

    For absolute transparency we wanted to share Where Inspiration Blooms costs.  These are as follows for each listing:

    • Paying the owed VAT to HMRC on each listing payment
    • The cost of the calendar subscription software (£180 per year)
    • The cost of time for a member of our team to load your event online (we have allowed for uploading 8 listings per hour at £15 per hour payment)


    We also want to explain why our 'arts, crafts & ceramics workshops/courses' listings are a lot more expensive.  As you all know our core business is running courses, workshops and classes, and we have spent the last 6 years building our brand, reputation and community - most of whom are predominantly interested in these things too.  We don't want to stop our competitors from tapping into these precious eyes on our website...but we do need to ensure we stay profitable and afloat or the calendar (and us!) won't exist anymore... so on these listings we charge more so that we can ensure the sustainability of our business going forward.  We hope you understand this, but are very happy to discuss this if you have any questions at all!


    Community Calendar Listing

    VAT Included

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