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Pottery Open Studio (evening) - Summer '24

TUESDAY evenings from 7pm to 9.30pm starting on 16th April 2024.

  • £300 for the whole term (12 weeks)
  • £180 for the 1st half of term (6 weeks)
  • £180 for the 2nd half of term (6 weeks)
  • £35 for a single week


Dates of classes are:

  • 1st half of term - 16th, 23rd & 30th April and 7th, 14th & 21st May
  • One-week break for half term
  • 2nd half of term - 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th June and 2nd & 9th July


Our Pottery Open Studio sessions are perfect for people who have had some experience working with clay before, either having graduated from one of our "Play with Clay" or wheel-throwing courses or done a course somewhere else.   They are not suitable for complete beginners.


In our Pottery Open Studio you're very welcome to come along and make whatever you want, using our equipment and clay with the added bonus that one of our ceramics teachers is always on hand to offer advice or guidance.  You are also very welcome, during these sessions, to use one of a handful of wheels that we will have set up ready each week. 


Our Pottery Open Studio sessions run weekly during term time at The Studio in Holmer Green. 

One small batt of pieces per session can be fired and glazed.  Any additional pieces can be finished/fired by us for an additional fee.


We are really sorry but if you have booked for a whole or half term and are unable to make one of your dates, our normal refund policy does need to be upheld.  If you are unsure of our refund policy then please do click here.



We’ve put together a brief guide as below so you know what to expect on this class.  As with all of our classes if you have any other specific questions please email us on


  • Our doors open 5 minutes before class. This gives us enough time to get the room and refreshments ready so please don’t come super early as we can’t always let you in!
  • Each guest is allocated a full table to work on and you are welcome to use all of our clay tools/equipment.
  • Please can we ask that you respect the end of class time. We are very happy to clean up everything that’s used in the class, so that you don’t have to, but we do need the time to do it before the next class (or inevitable school runs or bedtime!).
  • We are a small owner-run business so we don’t have the deep pockets of the larger organisations who teach clay but we try to be as generous as we can. We hope you understand that we do have to have limitations to stay afloat.
  • We have allocated a maximum amount of clay per person per class of 2kgs – this also prevents lots of extra clay being put by for recycling.
  • It is so difficult measuring how much of your work we can fire per class but to keep it simple we have come up with the following. For both bisque and glaze firings we can fire a whole small batt of your work. Obviously you can stack the bisque but not the glazed!
  • If you wish for us to fire more then do ask us for our kiln charges sheet which details cost per size of item.
  • All of our studio glazes are brushing glazes, with small amounts of clear pouring glazes for the inside of vases or cups. A lot of our regular customers prefer to bring their own so that they can be more in control of the look of their pieces.
  • We will have 5-6 wheels in the room available to use per class. At the moment that is more than enough for the number of people who are throwing during the sessions, but we will keep an eye on this. If demand exceeds the number of wheels in the room we may need to introduce some kind of booking system.
  • We endeavour to fire pieces as quickly as we can but we don’t fire up the kiln every single day so please allow 2 weeks minimum for your pieces to be fired and returned to you.
  • Caroline and Andrea are available to help at all of our Pottery Open Studios classes but please do bear in mind that if they have a class of 14 people their time does need to be equally spread across everyone.
  • Deadline for firings to be back in time for the Summer holidays break is Tuesday 25th June 2024.


We hope all of the above makes sense and very much look forward to welcoming you to your class!

With our warmest wishes, Jules & Caroline 

Pottery Open Studio (evening) - Summer '24

VAT Included

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