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BAW21 Jenny Hoole, Glass & Jewellery

Inspiration takes many different forms.

In the next of our interviews with the 11 unique local artists exhibiting at The Barn for this year’s Bucks Art Weeks, today we take a closer look at local glass artist Jenny Hoole, her inspirations and her journey.

What are you most looking forward to about this year’s Bucks Art Weeks?

After the past year of making in isolation I am most looking forward to meeting some new and familiar faces at this year’s Bucks Art Weeks. Having the opportunity to talk about the glass I make, what inspires me and sharing how different techniques are achieved is the most fun aspect of Art weeks as an artist.

What other artists exhibiting at Bucks Art Weeks are you looking forward to going to see?

There are a few new painters whose work I have come across through social media that it would be great to visit in the first week, before we open. Their work is quite abstract and in bright colours which reflects the strong colours in my glass work.

When did you know that you wanted to become an artist?

I knew at 10 years old that I wanted to be a fashion designer when I had a ‘Mix & Match’ stencil set for Christmas. It was a set of plastic stencils of a body silhouette with clothes you could cut out in fancy papers, to fit the pose and stick on with glue. So I went to Art College and became a womenswear designer and worked commercially in the industry for many years.

How did you end up working in glass?

I was first drawn to glass when living overseas for a while. The light was very different and I could see how it played on the surface of glass pieces in a favourite shop window that was filled with new and antique glass items. It sort of stuck with me and when I returned home thought it would be fun to have a go at making something with glass. I tried a few short courses and was hooked – so, then went back to college to learn glass fusing and casting.

What inspires you?

My inspiration comes from how fabric moves and drapes on a form in motion. For a few seconds you notice a fleeting moment of perfection. My work in glass is about harnessing these moments and coaxing them in to new forms, exploring colour, pattern and texture using this exceptionally complex material

Who is your favourite artist of all time and why?

My favourite artist of all time is Salvador Dali. I love his delicate painting style of such complicated, unfamiliar landscapes and textures.

(above examples of Dali's paintings)

If money was no object and you could buy any piece of art that had ever existed, what would you choose and why?

If money was no object I would purchase a Henry Moore sculpture - For the simplicity of line and form.

(above examples of sculptures by Henry Moore)

Do you have any other shows planned for this year?

I am keeping events to a minimum this year but looking forward to 2022 when I have two major events planned and a gallery show also

(Jenny Hoole work - above)

You can find out more about Jenny (artist number 138) via the Bucks Art Weeks website or by clicking here or follow her on instagram.


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