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Our List of The Best Local Handmade Craft Fairs and Events Near You

As anyone who knows us will tell you, we are both huge supporters and fans of local, handmade and independent businesses and luckily for us Buckinghamshire and the Chilterns are jam packed with super creative and talented artists, makers and artisans.

The volume of events for Christmas 2023 seems to be bigger than ever so we thought that for anyone for whom keeping track of them all was proving tricky (like us!!) we would collate them all into one handy place and then you can choose which ones you're going to visit.

The list will be constantly evolving as we add more and more event so do pop back to check over the coming days, and also because at some point we may have even decided when to do our own Pop Up Shop!

So without further ado... may we present the Craft Fairs, Christmassy handmade and indie business events, fairs and local markets of Christmas 2023...

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