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BAW21 Linda Cavill, painter and ceramicist

Inspiration takes many different forms.

In the next of our interviews with the 11 unique local artists exhibiting at The Barn for this year’s Bucks Art Weeks, today we take a closer look at local painter and ceramicist Linda Cavill, her inspirations and her journey.

What are you most looking forward to about this year’s Bucks Art Weeks?

I’m just looking forward to seeing people and being able to chat. It’s been a very strange year so I hope all the people who usually support BAW will take the opportunity to come along to see some new work.

What other artists exhibiting at Bucks Art Weeks are you looking forward to going to see?

For the past few years I’ve always taken part for the full 2 weeks so I haven’t been able to visit any other venues. This year I hope to see Audrey Hammett and Sarah Russell at Sarratt, and follow at least one of the art trails, perhaps Aylesbury or Amersham, to see a variety of work.

When did you know that you wanted to become an artist?

From school days I knew I wanted to do something creative so I studied Textile Design and worked as a printed textile designer.

How did you end up working with ceramics and painting?

When my design work became more computerised I started painting in my free time and found that I enjoyed the layering process of collage and mixed media. I took some short courses in ceramics and really liked hand building so now I divide my time between both art forms.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by places I visit mainly the buildings I like to capture the sense of place. I’m also drawn to nature, seed pods, plants which I use in my abstracted still life compositions.

Who is your favourite artist of all time and why?

I don’t have one particular favourite artist but I do like the work of Mary Fedden a 20th century British artist whose work is mainly still life. In ceramics I love the work of John Maltby he produced wonderful small sculptures and an interesting mix of vessels over his long career

Do you have any other shows planned for this year?

I’m taking part in St Albans Art Society’s Summer Exhibition in July, Aldenham Art Festival in September and Dacorum and Chiltern Potters Guild Exhibition at The Kingsbury Barn in St Albans also in September

(Linda Cavill work - above)

You can find out more about Linda (artist number 60) via the Bucks Art Weeks website or by clicking here or follow her on instagram.


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