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The Beginning of Where Inspiration Blooms

When the word blog first came into our conversations it wasn’t with much enthusiasm! With a total of 6 kids between us, 2 existing businesses (one in PR – Spire PR and one in flower growing – The Hidden Gate Blooms), pets, messy homes, allotments and all the general stuff life throws up plus this new business itself – writing a blog at least once a week was something we could probably do well without!

But… we both agree that we need a record to look back on (ideally from upcycled, embroidered sun loungers by the lake when we open Where Inspiration Blooms South of France in 5 years’ time 😊)

So this blog isn’t really going to be a blog.. more of a diary, a notebook, a record of all the highs and lows that the Where Inspiration Blooms journey will undoubtedly take us. You are very welcome to join us or have a giggle at our expense😉 Jules & Caroline x

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