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The Digital Workshop Hub Is Now Live

If you haven't read our flurry of social media posts at the weekend then I'd encourage you to take a look. Last week totally pulled the rug out from underneath us both and we really felt like all of the work that we had put into building our community was going to end abruptly through no fault of our own.

And then we went for a walk... across a field, and we sat by a fallen tree (below) and we realised that when you create a business based around creating a community you have a duty to be there for that community when they need you the most. A few more hours passed and we had a plan. A good plan. A plan that we've started working on today.

So... what's the plan?

We've built a new page on our website. We built it fast so apologies if you spot any errors! It's a page of digital workshops and classes... A 'digital workshops hub' if you like. It looks like this

Why are we doing it?

Because people who are self-isolating or limiting their social contact need to exercise, manage their mental health and lives their lives as fully as possible. Our hope is that they can use our hub to take exercise classes in their own homes, to listen to calming meditations keeping anxieties at bay or learn new craft skills that they can spend time perfecting to keep them busy.

This also could be an essential stream of income for our wonderful community of teachers, leaders and artisans (and us!). We have all seen attendance fall to nothing and we all need to find ways to bring something in to keep us afloat.

How does it work?

At the moment we see it working in one of two ways (and actually we have already listed a couple of meditations for one of our retreat leaders).

1. We list and sell the workshop/class for you... so we take the payment, send out the digital pre-record or information on the live class and how to join it, and we support all the technology and marketing required. This will hopefully mean that all of your current classes can run and people who have come to rely on you for their physical, mental or crafty health can still carry on.

2. We simply list the workshop/class for you and people who want to buy it click through to your own website or information to buy, so you handle all payment and logistics.

If we can get enough courses onto the hub we might, with some good marketing (no pressure Jules) attract folk from all over the UK to access to the range of wonderful teachers and artisans who make up the Where Inspiration Blooms community.

So what next...

We need you to spread the word. If you are interested in running a digital class or workshop or you know someone who might be interested then please either leave a message in the comments below or email us on We have an email with more detail including the actual logistics which we can send out to you and take it from there.

We promise to keep you posted!

Stay safe love Jules & Caroline xx

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