Did I hit my target? - Week 6 - My Body Composition Diet

July 15, 2018

The last couple of weeks have been incredibly busy. I have spent a few days working at Hampton Court Flower Show, spent a lot of time in The Barn getting everything ready for our launch event on Thursday, managed the lives of 3 children - 2 of whom are starting new schools in September so have induction days, etc - in addition to keeping my flowers alive in this extended heatwave! I know there are some people who naturally lose weight when they are busy like this, but not me! I usually put on a bit of weight because I don't have time to think about what I am going to eat and end up buying a sandwich or something equally easy to eat on the go.


However, because of the better eating habits that I have been working on with Holly, I have made some different choices than I ordinarily would.


Instead of leaving my house on Sunday morning with no food and relying on the food available to buy at the showground for 2 days, I brought a packed lunch with me in a cool bag. I cooked up a few chicken thighs and boiled some eggs and I brought those, along with a bag of salad, peppers, tomatoes and a tub of houmous. This formed the bulk of my meals and meant that I had lots of good protein to keep me going through the long days, so didn't even think about buying unhealthy carb loaded foods to keep me going.


This is an example of the different choices that I am making and I'm really happy to say that I am making better nutrition decisions in general.


I'm not saying that I make fantastic decisions every time. I was out for dinner on Saturday night, and the next morning, in an extremely hungover, weakened state, I ate a massive bacon roll (no photographic evidence exists of this meal to add to the post!)


What I have found really empowering, is knowing why I should be eating more protein, less carbohydrates and more vegetables. Before now, I've never really understood that refined carbohydrates are as bad for your body as sugary foods in terms of regulating your blood sugar levels. And I've always known that I should eat more vegetables, but the underlying reasons for doing this are what makes me eat them, rather than the vague notion that somehow they are doing me good. So this knowledge has helped shape how I feed my body and give it what it needs to stay healthy. 


So, as I have reached the end of the 6 weeks, did I hit my ideal weight?  Well, despite that bacon roll, yes I did!


Since the 4th of June, I have lost 4.2kgs of fat from my body, and put on 0.2kgs of muscle, so overall have lost 4kgs and am now half a kilo under my ideal body weight. I have reduced my visceral fat, BMI and metabolic age. And overall, I just feel healthier and more comfortable with my body. I don't look dramatically different, but my clothes are fitting me better and I am a bit leaner than I was.


The great thing is that the eating habits that Holly has taught me are now ingrained into how I prepare meals, and my whole family are eating more healthily as a result. I still need to work hard to get my youngest daughter to eat more vegetables, but she is very keen on eating lots of protein to get strong muscles!


Having the Tanita weighing scales to quantify how my body composition has changed over the last few weeks has been invaluable, as it has really helped keep my motivation up. Now that the course is over, I have been wondering how to keep track of this. I spoke to Holly about this and she has suggested that all "graduates" of her nutrition course can drop into any of the day or evening classes with us in The Barn and pay a reduced rate for an individual class to recap on the information in that lesson and step on the Tanita scales. This is brilliant, as it will help to keep us on track and monitor our progress after the summer.


Links to Holly's courses starting in September are below.



4 weeks to a healthier body - evening course


4 weeks to a healthier body - daytime course




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