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Slow and steady - Week 3 - My Body Composition Journey

After the dramatic change in my body composition last week, I had a small hope that that type of weight loss could happen every week, but not so! Although truthfully, losing 2kgs every 7 days probably wouldn't be very healthy.

Last week I mostly kept to the higher protein diet but over the weekend had a BBQ and pizza. Sadly crisps and bread are firmly in the carbohydrate camp! Taking this into account, I was pretty pleased that I have lost almost another kilo, and am now within a kilo of my ideal weight.

The focus of Holly's talk this week was on how to keep your gut healthy, and the importance of this for your body. We also had some really good chats about NLP, and how you can use NLP techniques to make better choices in life. It was really fascinating and I came away with very useful tips on how to approach difficult decision making.

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