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Protein's dramatic impact - Week 2 - My Body Composition Journey

During the week since starting Holly's nutrition course, I have made a few small changes to my diet. I have made a conscious effort to increase how much protein I eat as part of each meal and reduce the carbohydrates. Because I am eating less rice, pasta and bread, I have found that I am eating more vegetables, which can only be a good thing for my general health. I haven't been starving myself, but have noticed that I'm not as hungry between meals as I was, so think I have been accidentally eating less because I haven't been snacking between meals. I haven't been depriving myself of treats, but have tried to keep sweet food to only after a meal to avoid the sugar high, and inevitable crash.

In terms of exercise, I did a short cycle, a yoga class and some push-ups, sit-ups and lunges one day. Yeah, I didn't kill myself!

So with this in mind, I was a bit worried that the scales reading this week was going to remain exactly the same as last week. I was in for a surprise.

I was astonished to find that I have lost a 2kgs this week.

Delving into the readings further, the news was even better than that. Overall, I have reduced my percentage body fat by almost 4%, bringing it down to 25%, and have reduced my visceral fat rating from 4 to 3. So I lost almost 3kgs of fat this week and have put on almost kilo of muscle, which I'm utterly delighted by. That is some excellent motivation to keep going!

Yesterday, Holly gave us a bit more information about protein and the protein content of different foods. Following this, she then spoke about stress and the effect it can have on our digestive systems, and how this can cause our bodies to hold onto weight and prevent the digestive system from functioning properly. She then led us through a breathing and mindfulness technique to reduce stress in our daily lives.

So my plan for this week is to continue eating the same way, increase how much I exercise a bit (1 run, 1 cycle, 1 yoga class and some more push-ups and lunges), and do about 5-10 minutes a day of relaxation or mindfulness meditation.

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