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My Body Composition Journey

As I am feeling very enthusiastic about improving my body composition after Holly’s talk on Monday, I have decided to write about my experience on this nutrition course to document the difference it makes to my physical (and possibly mental) health.

Stepping on the Tanita scales was undoubtedly slightly daunting. I've heard stories of horrible slimming classes that friends have been to, where they are shamed in front of all the attendees if they have put on weight during the week. Happily, Holly's class isn't like that at all. Each of us individually stepped on the scales, and Holly discreetly gave us the print out of our body stats that Tanita dutifully printed out for us.

I knew there was room for improvement, but overall I was happy with the readings. I'm pretty much bang in the middle of the healthy ranges for somebody of my age (I am 40) for fat (28.9%), muscle (41.4g), water percentages (51.4%) and BMI (23.4) and my metabolic age is 31. One thing that did surprise me though is that I am 3.5kgs over my ideal weight of 57.7kgs. I suppose I always thought that I was the right weight for my height, but just needed to improve my muscle tone, but I guess not! With this in mind, I am planning on increasing my muscle mass over the next 6 weeks as muscle burns more than fat, and decreasing my percentage body fat. And hopefully get down to 57.7kgs. No pressure then!

Holly gave a really talk on to what to eat to support healthy weight loss, and my focus this week is to start introducing more vegetables and protein in my diet and reduce simple carbohydrates. I also need to start doing more weight training. Although I have a very active lifestyle because I am often out gardening and carrying around heavy buckets full of water, I don't do much focused exercised.

Over the last 2 days I have looked at the breakfast ideas that Holly gave us for inspiration, and had cauliflower & mushroom fritters yesterday and porridge with seeds and oat milk today. Yesterday I worked some push ups, lunges and sit ups into my day (20 or so. I really didn't kill myself) and today I did a 20 minute cycle. I'll take tomorrow off and then do Charli's Yoga for Mums class on Friday morning. My flexibility is tragic so I really do need to work some yoga or pilates into my week.

Hopefully with these small changes to my lifestyle, I will see a small improvement in my readings next week, to motivate me to keep going!

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