Spoon Carving Workshop

Sunday 4th July 1-5pm *NEW DATE ADDED**

Saturday 10th July 10am - 2pm


We have wanted to run this workshop since we first opened The Barn 3 years ago, and we are so delighted to have finally met with Jonah Maddox - who is a wonderful local expert.


Carving a spoon is a very rewarding and relaxing hobby, which Jonah firmly believes is best done alongside other people and with no pressure or judgement. These are the only rules for his workshop - along with don't cut yourself or anyone else... please!


This workshop is very much intended for beginners so that by the end of the 4 hours, you will walk away with your very own cooking spoon made from local wood.


As well as learning how to make a spoon, Jonah will also teach a bit about the wood and the tree it came from, as well as what to look for if you want to forage and start carving your own spoons.


You will have your own work area, where you can stand or sit to work, with Jonah providing enough tools for everyone so there will be no need to share anything. The actual carving process includes starting with a rough spoon shaped piece of wood. Jonah will be pre-axing these pieces before the workshop to save time but if you are interested in this part of the process and there is time, he can demonstrate this at the end of the workshop.


You will learn some straight knife techniques to shape the spoon to your own specific design within the blank or the template he will provide. You will also learn how to use the hook spoon to hollow its bowl, use finishing cuts to finish the spoon and maybe, if time allows paint, oil & wax the spoon - ready to be used.


If there is time Jonah will go into axe work so that you can take home a progress to finish. He will also have a selection of tools available after the workshop if you have caught the spoon-carving bug and are keen to do more yourself at home.


This workshop promises to be a real tonic to the last year... using your hands to create something you can use again and again, from local naturally fallen wood, outside in The Barn's beautiful natural setting.


If you are regular to The Barn or visited us in the last year, you will know how passionate we are about providing workshops that will help us all ease back into lives, support our individual journeys out of lockdown and help with the anxieties and stresses that we have all endured in the last year.


All materials will be provided but sadly due to covid regulations we are currently unable to serve you our usual delicious refreshments so do bring with you drinks/snacks and a packed lunch.


For more information contact julesandcaroline@whereinspirationblooms.co.uk

We very much look forward to welcoming you up to The Barn.

Spoon Carving Workshop