Sourdough Making Workshop - Winter Weekend
NEW DATE Friday 4th December 10am -12noon 
£45 per person INCLUDES full starter kit to take home
Kit includes proving basket, dough scraper, bag of flour and the all-important sourdough starter.

Previous date was Friday 27th November 10am-12noon

Join us for this ever-popular workshop where Guy Stafford, our resident sourdough expert, we will be teaching us how to make a simple sourdough loaf using an organic starter and three ingredients: flour, water and salt - nothing more!
In this 2 hour workshop, we will be making a starter, a sponge and your dough. We will look at the techniques of proving, handling, shaping and baking.
Guy, will also educate us all on hydration, different flours and the health benefits of sourdough. It will become clear why modern bread making techniques cause the digestive disturbances so prevalent in our time.
You’ll get tips on the tools you’ll need to make your bread life easier and how to fit it into your already busy life! You’ll take home the dough you have made, ready to prove, along with a proving basket, complimentary dough scraper, a rye sourdough starter, a bag of flour and details on all the steps you’ve covered.
We will provide you with everything you need to make the dough except a bowl big enough in which to prove it (we will need you to bring that with you - all details given on booking).
In these uncertain covid times we are doing everything we can to ensure all of our safety. We will be adopting a strict rule of 2-metres social distancing, in spite of rules being relaxed to 1m plus.
Safety & Security

During these times of social distancing please rest assured that we are taking all the recommended steps to ensure maximum safety. Our indoors Winter Workshops will be taking place in a very large conference room inside our next-door neighbours main building at Chartridge Lodge Hotel.
The room is huge, has high ceilings, plenty of windows and will allow us to set up tables 2 metres apart from each other. We know the government guidelines have reduced the 2 metre rule but it is so important to us that everyone feels safe and comfortable, especially with our workshops being all about inspiring people to do things to enhance and support their wellbeing. We strongly believe that maintaining the 2-metre distance is the right thing to do. We will also be putting in place many other safety measures.
We will be asking all of our guests to come into the building wearing masks, which they can remove once they are inside the room and we will be providing hand sanitisers on each work station and when you enter the building. A full list of all the bits we are doing will be sent out to you on an email a couple of days before the workshop.
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Sourdough Making Workshop - Winter Weekend

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