Sunday 12th July 6-8pm

Relaxation, Yoga and Chant  (Online workshop)

Cost £12 per person


Wind down your festival weekend with relaxation, yoga and chant in this relaxing online live workshop with Barbara Dancer.


Chanting is used for its connection with the emotions, for focusing the attention of the mind and for its soothing energetic qualities. It connects body and mind in a way that is beautiful, engaging and uplifting.


Barbara will lead you through a mindful and accessible yoga practice to relax the body, and adding chant into the movement.


Then using the traditional sounds of Sanskrit chant as a part of practice and during rest time to bring focus and relaxation to the mind too.


This is an online session using the peaceful environment of The Barn as our venue and streamed live into your home.


Please have a yoga mat or similar, yoga blocks and/or cushions available for this session and enjoy 2 hours of uplifting yoga.


Once you book your ticket you will be sent a log in to view the workshop live on the day.


The Where Inspiration Blooms Wellbeing Festival

We set up Where Inspiration Blooms two years ago as a space for people to learn something new in an inspiring natural environment. When your mind and hands are focussed on learning a new craft, it can allow you to feel a state of flow, which has similar stress relieving properties to practicing mindfulness, meditating or being in nature (something we have both felt has been incredibly helpful during this time). We believe that craft, nature and gentle wellbeing activities have a huge role to play in helping us all to move forward from the lockdown period and in this festival we hope you will find something which appeals to you.


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Relaxation, Yoga and Chant

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