Thursday 9th July 7-9pm

£35 per person


This festival taster session will give you an introduction to ceramic slab-building techniques and allow you to design and create something that is both beautiful and functional.


Forage in our beautiful outdoor space for leaves, seedheads or flowers or use our printing blocks and other materials to imprint beautiful designs into the clay. In the past we have had people make items such as bowls, plates, spoons and nameplates for their houses.


Underglazes will be available on the day if you wish to add some colour to your work before it is fired.


Your best 2 pieces of work will be bisque fired and clear glazed after the session in our studio kiln, and can be collected approximately 2 weeks after the session.


The Where Inspiration Blooms Wellbeing Festival

We set up Where Inspiration Blooms two years ago as a space for people to learn something new in an inspiring natural environment. When your mind and hands are focused on learning a new craft, it can allow you to feel a state of flow, which has similar stress relieving properties to practising mindfulness, meditating or being in nature (something we have both felt has been incredibly helpful during this time). We believe that craft, nature and gentle wellbeing activities have a huge role to play in helping us all to move forward from the lockdown period and in this festival we hope you will find something which appeals to you.


Safety & Security

During these times of social distancing please rest assured that we are taking all the recommended steps to ensure maximum safety.  This workshop will take place within The Barn is transporting all the equipment needed to run the class over at Chartridge Lodge isn't practical.  The Barn has room to fit 4 people plus Caroline for this class, so we expect it will sell out quickly.


We will set up tables 2 metres apart from each other. We know the government guidelines have reduced the 2 metre rule but it is so important to us that everyone feels safe and comfortable, especially with our festival being all about inspiring people to do things to enhance and support their wellbeing. We strongly believe that maintaining the 2-metre distance is the right thing to do. We will also be putting in place many other safety measures including providing hand sanitisers on each work station and when you enter the building.  A full list of all the bits we are doing will be sent out to you on an email a couple of days before the workshop.


For more information please email us on


We very much look forward to welcoming you to The Barn.

Play With Clay Thursday Evening - Festival

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