Play With Clay - 5 Week Course - Daytime

Tuesday mornings from 14th September to 12th October 10am - 12pm

£125 per person for 5-week course


Our 'Play with Clay' course is perfect for anyone wanting a comprehensive introduction to the basics of ceramics or to continue building their pottery skills.


Over the course of 5 mornings you will have the opportunity to work at both slab and hand-building techniques, as well as having the opportunity to throw on our pottery wheel.


Your teacher, Caroline Oden (co-founder of Where Inspiration Blooms), is an experienced potter, having taught this small-group course regularly at Where Inspiration Blooms over the last 3 years.


Caroline is a really generous teacher, who willingly shares all of her tips and learned experiences so that you can produce pieces you can be really proud of -  which is why this course has always sold out quickly whenever we have run it.


For the first 4 weeks of the course, you will be mainly using slab and hand-building techniques to make a plate, a bowl and a vase or plant pot. You will learn how to work with the clay, and how to give beautiful finishes to your pieces. Using leaves, grasses, lace and stamps, you will explore the best methods to create texture and personalised designs, then how to add details with techniques including coloured slip, sgraffito and score & slip.


Each week you will create interesting and completely individual pieces which will go on to be fired in our kiln. We will fire your 2 best pieces from each of first 4 pottery sessions.


Caroline will also be demonstrating how the throw on the wheel during these sessions for a anyone wishing to try this. Over the 4 weeks, everyone will have the chance to throw a bowl or handleless cup on the wheel if they would like to.


The final week of the course will be devoted to glazing all of your 8 fired pieces. We have a wide selection of glazes and underglazes which you can choose from, or you can also bring your own if you have a specific colour you would like to use. Additional detail and effects can be added at this stage using wax resist techniques.


For more information or 07916 460739.

We very much look forward to welcoming you to The Barn!


Course dates - 14th, 21st & 28th September, 5th & 12th October.


You can purchase Caroline's pieces from our website and follow her ceramics journey on instagram @carolineodenceramics.

Play With Clay - 5 Week Course - Daytime