Pick Your Own Flowers

Friday 11th September 10am-1pm

£25 per bucket (please bring bucket and secateurs)


Come and pick a bucket of your own beautiful blooms from our Growing Plot. All of our stunning flowers have been specifically selected by our horticuture expert (and co-founder of Where Inspiration Blooms), Caroline Oden.


Bring a bucket and enjoy the sounds of nature as you move about the plot choosing your favourite flowers.


To ensure social distancing we will be allowing 2 people into the plot in each time slot. PLEASE do feel free to contact us if you are shielding and would prefer to be on your own. Flower picking can be such a wonderful way to revive body & soul so for anyone who is finding the return to 'normal' tricky or feels increased anxiety after shielding for so long we woud be very happy to give you a mutually convenient private slot for no extra charge.


‘Celebrating Autumn’ Workshops

One of the main challenges that our business has faced this year is being able to run workshops with enough people to make them break even. The necessary extra cleaning and social distancing are significant challenges for Where Inspiration Blooms at The Barn. After trialling a week of workshops in July (our Wellbeing Festival) we have decided, that for the near future, to keep the business going we need to concentrate our workshops into bunches of one or two weeks so that we can hold them in a larger venue where we can have up to 12 people in the room.


Our ‘Celebrating Autumn’ Workshops will run from Friday, 11th September until Saturday 26th at Chartridge Lodge Hotel and Conference Centre (next-door to The Barn).


Autumn is such a beautiful time of year, and we want to celebrate its stunning colours and natural changes through our wonderful community of teachers and tutors. After all the stresses of 2020 so far, we hope that in our selection of workshops you will find something that you will really enjoy and that will give you some joy in these uncertain times.


For more information please email us on julesandcaroline@whereinspirationblooms.co.uk


Pick Your Own Flowers

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