Mindful & Conscious Journaling 3 Week Course - Celebrating Autumn

Soul to Page – The Art of Mindful & Conscious Journaling

2-3.30pm on Sunday 13th, 20th & 27th September


Mindful & Conscious Journaling offers you a direct and authentic route to your inner world. A gentle and healing process, it provides the opportunity to discover the true nature of your soul, hidden behind the layers of roles we fulfil and the accompanying expectations we find ourselves required to meet.


All the wisdom and answers you look for are already within you, you just need to provide yourself with a gentle and kind practice to access and hear them. Michele Grieve of Dadirri Wellbeing has developed a method of Mindful & Conscious Journaling which offers a deep, enriching development of your relationship with Self. You embody the role of your own best friend and confidente, holding your own safe space and connecting to deep self-knowledge and wisdom you simply misplaced in the whirl of modern-day living.


There are three levels of work within this process and we will explore each of them in this course. Creating a safe space for the group is my priority. To that end, please note that you will never share your words. However, you will be welcomed to share your experiences of your process.

Please bring with your pens and your chosen journal. We will be experiencing mindful meditation each session to open and close our journaling experience which will be done seated and you are welcome to bring anything to ensure your comfort. A handout will be provided detailing The precepts and Code of Care so you do not have to make notes and you can refer to them during any home practice.


Week One – A Thorough Introduction to Mindful & Conscious Journaling

  • How and why this method evolved
  • The Precepts – The framework of this method
  • The Code of Care – How to authentically care for yourself through your process (and life in general!)
  • The how, why, what, where and when of Mindful & Conscious Journaling
  • Why Mindfulness?
  • An experience of gentle, beginner’s prompts
  • Journaling experiences to try at home before the next session
  • A handout provided detailing The Precepts and The Code of Care

Week Two – Deepening Your Practice & Purpose of Mindful & Conscious Journaling

  • We will begin with reflections on your experience of journaling through the week
  • Deepening your practice by working with themes – why and how
  • Exploring the possibilities of a variety of dedicated journals and how having dedicated journals can work for you
  • We will remind ourselves of The Precepts and The Code of Care
  • Following a mindful meditation, we will work with themes inspired by the season, Autumn. These will include…
  • “Release”; exploring behaviours, beliefs and values and indeed anything that exists in our lives which no longer serves our highest good.
  • “Change”; how do we experience and view change? Is it time to reframe this experience and offer ourselves and a more supportive alternative?
  • “Balance”; During the Autumn equinox, day & night are the same length. Ancient cultures viewed Autumn as representing balance. We will explore what this means for you and how to achieve it in your life.

Week Three – Conscious Journaling – The Reunification of The Self

  • As we move through this life, we can often leave parts of ourselves behind. This session is taking your Mindful & Conscious Journaling practice deeper still, by connecting to the wisdom and lessons of your past selves
  • To quote Einstein, “Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another”. If there are emotions that have not been fully processed, their energy remains, pulling us back, insisting we listen
  • By embracing the energy and wisdom of your younger selves, you no longer need to run from them while having them screaming at you to listen, which creates inner unrest and even turmoil
  • By allowing them space to be heard and offering a way to care for them, they are reintegrated with your soul in harmony and respect
  • This is standing in your power
  • They have many wisdom and teachings for us, we simply need to pause, connect and listen with kindness and no judgement
  • This work does not only resonate with challenging issues, it absolutely reconnects us to our joy and zest for life that is associated with youthful optimism and a sense of the possibilities of life
  • Reflecting on this course and considering further exploration…?


Michele Grieve is the owner of Dadirri Wellbeing, a writer and radio presenter. As a Self- Actualisation Coach, Michele has developed a structured method of Mindful & Conscious Journaling and is the subject of her forthcoming book. She is a qualified Journal Therapy, Mindfulness & Meditation Coach, Reiki Master, Body Love & Healing Coach and Nature Connection Facilitator. Please go to www.dadirriwellbeing .com for more information.


For more information please email us on julesandcaroline@whereinspirationblooms.co.uk

Mindful & Conscious Journaling 3 Week Course - Celebrating Autumn

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