“Soul to Page – Introduction to Creative Journaling”


At Dadirri Wellbeing offers a variety of ways to experience the healing power of the creative written word. In this session, you will learn about each one and the opportunity to try them out.

Don’t be nervous! This is the written word as a healer, this is not a space for judgement regarding your writing skills! You will be very welcome to share any of your words and equally welcome not to. This is your space and it is entirely your choice and this is always respected.

Having a safe space to connect to your creativity and just allow it to be free is incredibly uplifting and rewarding. Creative journaling offers you the joy of creating something and the improved self-esteem that accompanies that. It is just fun! Over time, it also empowers you with deep self-awareness; many members of the groups see patterns emerging in their writing, this is always worthy of noticing.

In this session we will explore;

  • Creative Prose Journaling – working with a picture as a prompt, we take a moment to connect to the picture and consider many questions…where, how, why, when, who, what…?
  • Poetry For Wellbeing – Why would you write poetry?! How can expressing yourself in poetic form improve your wellbeing. We’ll then work with a theme to write a short poem.
  • The Memoir – This is such a powerful format to work with. We all have our story, our own unique narrative. We will discuss how writing a memoir for yourself or future generations can dramatically increase your sense of wellbeing.
  • A few words on Automatic Writing – Automatic Writing works with  different energy, the third eye and crown chakra. I will introduce you to this format, however, we will not write with it in this particular workshop.

When working with our creativity, we are connecting to our energetic centre of creativity, our Sacral Chakra. This workshop will include a short and gentle seated meditation to connect and clear this energy centre.

Please bring with you a pen and paper/notebook.


Introduction to Creative Journaling - Celebrating Autumn

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