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A DIY Christmas...

I absolutely love making things, and for the past 10 years have tried so many different crafts. Some of the stuff that I made at the start of my crafting journey was admittedly totally rubbish, and was only kept by the truly kind-hearted relatives that it was foisted upon! Over the years I have learnt where my crafting skills lie. I am an impatient crafter. I love to be able to start and finish a project within a couple of hours, so long projects like upholstering a chair or knitting a complicated jumper are not ideal for me. I do get a huge sense of achievement when I finish something that has taken a lot of time, but throughout the process there is a considerable amount of impatience and i

We're on a Christmas Craft Crusade!

So Christmas...I don't know about everyone else, but for the last couple of years for me it has become an almost steady stream of Amazon deliveries arriving at my door in the run up to the big day. It just seems convenient, and I get to avoid the horrible traffic, masses of jostling people and general retail craziness that seems to engulf the whole of December. But… ordering so many things from Amazon doesn't sit well with me. There have been so many media stories about how they treat their staff and suppliers, the fact that they reportedly engage in tax avoidance and that they have such a monopoly - all of this makes me feel a bit queasy. Christmas 2018 is my turning point! This year I'm g

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