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So nearly there! - Week 4 - My Body Compostion

This week has been bananas busy, so I'm only getting around to writing this now, and it won't be a long post! This week Holly spoke about toxins and free radicals and how they can impact your health and how to lower your exposure to them through changes in your diet and how you cook your food. We also discussed inflammation in our bodies due to our western diet and ways to lower this. I am within .3kgs of my ideal weight according to Tanita, so I feel like this is definitely achievable in the next couple of weeks. I will miss next Monday because I'm working at Hampton Court Flower Show all day, but will be back for the final class.

Slow and steady - Week 3 - My Body Composition Journey

After the dramatic change in my body composition last week, I had a small hope that that type of weight loss could happen every week, but not so! Although truthfully, losing 2kgs every 7 days probably wouldn't be very healthy. Last week I mostly kept to the higher protein diet but over the weekend had a BBQ and pizza. Sadly crisps and bread are firmly in the carbohydrate camp! Taking this into account, I was pretty pleased that I have lost almost another kilo, and am now within a kilo of my ideal weight. The focus of Holly's talk this week was on how to keep your gut healthy, and the importance of this for your body. We also had some really good chats about NLP, and how you can use NLP tech

Protein's dramatic impact - Week 2 - My Body Composition Journey

During the week since starting Holly's nutrition course, I have made a few small changes to my diet. I have made a conscious effort to increase how much protein I eat as part of each meal and reduce the carbohydrates. Because I am eating less rice, pasta and bread, I have found that I am eating more vegetables, which can only be a good thing for my general health. I haven't been starving myself, but have noticed that I'm not as hungry between meals as I was, so think I have been accidentally eating less because I haven't been snacking between meals. I haven't been depriving myself of treats, but have tried to keep sweet food to only after a meal to avoid the sugar high, and inevitable crash.

My Body Composition Journey

As I am feeling very enthusiastic about improving my body composition after Holly’s talk on Monday, I have decided to write about my experience on this nutrition course to document the difference it makes to my physical (and possibly mental) health. Stepping on the Tanita scales was undoubtedly slightly daunting. I've heard stories of horrible slimming classes that friends have been to, where they are shamed in front of all the attendees if they have put on weight during the week. Happily, Holly's class isn't like that at all. Each of us individually stepped on the scales, and Holly discreetly gave us the print out of our body stats that Tanita dutifully printed out for us. I knew there was

The beginning of Where Inspiration Blooms

When the word blog first came into our conversations it wasn’t with much enthusiasm! With a total of 6 kids between us, 2 existing businesses (one in PR – Spire PR and one in flower growing – The Hidden Gate Blooms), pets, messy homes, allotments and all the general stuff life throws up plus this new business itself – writing a blog at least once a week was something we could probably do well without! But… we both agree that we need a record to look back on (ideally from upcycled, embroidered sun loungers by the lake when we open Where Inspiration Blooms South of France in 5 years’ time 😊) So this blog isn’t really going to be a blog.. more of a diary, a notebook, a record of all the highs

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